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Classification of Injection Molds

This information is intended to help our customers in the initial selection of the most economical and cost effective mold to produce their product. Our tooling quotations will specify the class of tooling we suggest relative to the information received on your request for quote. We suggest and encourage your involvement in this initial decision.


Class I Mold:

Description: Built for extremely high production. Highest tolerances. This is the highest priced mold and is built with only the highest quality materials.

Tool Steel: Mold base -DME #3 / Inserts - 420SS

Class II Mold:

Description: Built for medium to high production. Relatively tight tolerances. Good for abrasive, corrosive materials. This is a high quality, fairly high priced mold and is built with high quality materials.

Tool Steel: Mold base -DME #2 / Inserts - S7

Class III Mold:

Description: Built for low to medium production. Medium tolerances. This is the low end of the production tooling price range and is built with medium quality materials. Not suitable for corrosive materials

Tool Steel: Mold base -DME #1 / Inserts - H13

Class IV Mold:

Description: Built for low production. Lowest tolerances. Low to moderate price range. Not suitable for corrosive or abrasive materials.

Tool Steel: Mold base -DME #1 / Inserts - P20

Class V Mold:

Description: Prototype mold. This mold will be constructed in the least expensive manner possible to produce a limited quantity of prototype parts. Lowest cost injection mold.

Tool Steel: Mold base -Steel or Aluminum / Inserts - Aluminum

Note: Mold Base and Insert materials are examples and may vary due to mold design requirements.



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