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Mold Tech Texture -> Texture Process Information - Repairs to Damaged

Texture Process Information - Repairs to Damaged


L. Repairs to Damaged Texture

Mold-Tech has been a major force in perfecting the art of texture repair for many years. When damage to a texture occurs, it is usually best to call us as soon as possible, before someone goes in to attempt to repair the area by hand. On-site hand repairs by an unqualified technician to a damaged texture can make the condition worse. It is usually better to get the tool to us in damaged condition, as we have the facilities and people available to do the entire repair. Improperly attempted "rush" texture repairs can make actual texture repairs more difficult, costly, and time consuming.

Texture damage can usually be repaired by an experienced repair source. In some cases, the damage is so extensive that the only viable course of action is to polish out the texture entirely and re-texture the mold. This can usually be determined by examining a sample part that shows the actual damage, or by discussion between the texture source and a representative from the molder who can describe the damage effectively and accurately. If damage is minimal, it may be possible to perform a patch repair. However, when the damage is extensive, it may become more cost and time effective to polish the texture out entirely and retexture the mold. The decision, which is the more viable course of action, can be made once discussion and inspection of the mold and / or parts has taken place.

Engineering changes involving textured molds are also very common and can often be done in a timely manner with excellent results, thus eliminating the need to polish the entire mold. Get us involved early in this type of project. Certain textures require that the surface be prepared in a way that will maximize results and minimize delivery time.

On-site repairs can sometimes be accomplished at your facility, but, it is almost always better to get the mold to our facility where all of the repair tools necessary can be brought into play in repairing the texture on your mold. We understand how expensive down time is to a molder, so repairs are always treated as emergencies, and processed as a high priority. Although we do not normally provide an on-site repair service at your facility, such a service can sometimes be arranged if discussion or part inspection indicate that the repair needed is feasible as an "on-site" repair.

Costs vary based on number of areas involved, type of texture needing repair, type of steel, etc. Timing also varies based on the same factors. Call us for a quotation anytime.

If you have to weld, please see the section on welding in this site.

If the mold is hard chromed or nickel plated, or has some other hardened coating on it, please review the section on "coatings."

Often, the toolshop that had the mold textured is hundreds of miles from the molder. There is often a Mold-Tech close to the molder in those cases and by contacting the original texture source, the data can be shared with the closer Mold-Tech, and they can effect repairs without moving the mold long distances. We can also repair most molds textured by competitors as well.


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