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Texture Process Information - Pattern Development


K. Pattern Development


Texture Plaques

Mold-Tech plaques represent only a sampling of the type of textures available to you. The plaques give a fairly broad range of pattern types and depths, but they are not comprehensive. There are virtually no limits on what can be done with a texture. These plaques are molded in black polystyrene for general distribution but some are available in white (plaque "A") or in clear acrylic (Accugrave, and some of the others) on a request basis. We also have blow molded plaques available on request with patterns developed especially for that sector of the industry. Please call to request a set.

Should you decide you like the appearance of a particular texture on the plaque, but would like it deeper, or lighter in depth, or in larger figures, we can usually accommodate those requests within the actual technical limits of the pattern structure. Note that some very fine patterns cannot be increased in depth to a very large amount - the pattern structure would break down; call us and we can discuss it and advise what is available.

Texture Pattern Creation

We have an in-house pattern development department that is constantly developing new patterns for customers from all industries. If you have a need for a special pattern or you want to develop a texture to match a piece of wood, or cloth sample, or a plastic sample done somewhere else, contact us so we can discuss doing a creative project together. There may be a development fee involved if the pattern is being developed for your job exclusively.

We also develop and cross reference patterns to match competitorí»s patterns, OEM patterns such as for automotive companies. This work is ongoing, as we attempt to keep current on any new corporate texture masters. Since these patterns are generated by OEMí»s or competitorí»s, the textures do not appear on our Mold-Tech plaques, however, the equivalents of those patterns sometimes do. If you do not see the desired pattern, call us and we can discuss the status of the pattern you need information about. Automotive companies do require that the texture source be approved on the pattern before being allowed to process any jobs with it. We are approved on hundreds of automotive textures, and are working on many more at any given time.

In addition, we have contacts all over the world, so we have thousands of patterns available to us with one phone call, if we do not already have the pattern in house. We have thousands of texture patterns in house that are not necessarily on any texture plaques as well.

Mold-Tech has invested substantially in pattern development in order to remain the industry leader of texture technology. At our central R&D facility, located in Fraser, Michigan, Mold-Tech operates a very powerful computer used to generate, modify, stretch, expand, shrink, or otherwise provide the textures that the industry wants. This computer has helped develop numerous patterns already and has a limitless possibility range. Call us to see if we can put this tool to work for your applications.


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