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Texture Process Information - Marked Parts


F. Marked Parts and/or Prints

Although we can and do work from verbal lineups on texture jobs, there are much better ways to provide us with the information that is essential to providing you with quick, accurate, quality texturing service. Many texture jobs are relatively simple to describe over the phone, while others require a meeting to go over draft angles, molding conditions, gloss requirements, etc.

A blueprint or mylar marked up accurately and completely is one way to instruct us as to how you want the texturing done. Be sure that the drawing shows a cross-section for all different areas, otherwise there may be questions as to what to do regarding areas not shown on the drawing. (Assumptions are dangerous.)

One of the best ways to provide us with texture lineups is to supply a completely and carefully marked up sample part. This allows us the opportunity to see the part, identify its function, interpret the design intent for the texturing selected, and it answers a lot of questions we would otherwise have for you without the part, even if we have a blueprint.

We could also use some information about the part : What is it? What is its function? Who is the end run customer (OEM)? Who is molding the part? Is it part of a program? Are there other parts already textured that go with this one?

While these questions may seem needless, they help us do a better job in identifying your needs relative to texturing. If we are aware of who the OEM and / or molder are, we are often familiar with subtle variations they require to mold acceptable parts due to years of experience with these companies. We can often recommend things that will enhance the texture job if we are aware of functional or visual intent of the part design. Supply us with information and let us put our experience to work for you.

If you are uncertain how to mark a part for us, let us know. Our sales representatives would be more than happy to assist you in marking parts up for texturing, or discussing any of your texture questions. On major Automotive programs, time is usually set aside to mark a number of parts for texturing well before the jobs start to arrive. That way, many questions or concerns are discussed and solutions planned before the tooling comes in for texturing. This saves everyone time and last minute confusion.


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