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Mold Tech Texture -> Texture Process Information - Post Texture Paintin

Texture Process Information - Post Texture Paintin


E. Post Texture Painting

Some parts are painted in a secondary process after molding. If the parts being painted happen to have been textured, the paint may very well affect the finished appearance of the texture - with regard to depth, granularity, and gloss.

If the part being molded from the mold we are texturing is going to be painted after texturing, please let us know before hand so that a determination can be made as to whether the texture should be modified on the mold in order to provide an appearance - to the master - after painting. Certain types of paint do not have a large effect on the texture, whereas other paint processes will virtually wash out any appearance of texture on the part.

It is especially important to be aware of this if one part is being molded as is with a texture, (no paint) yet it sits in assembly position next to a part that will be painted with the same texture on it. These two parts will not look the same without some modifications to the texture on one or the other of the parts.

Communication with us prior to the mold arriving for texturing is absolutely essential because testing may be required in order to ascertain what modifications are required, and it could take time.


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