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Mold Tech Texture -> Texture Process Information - Post Texture Plating

Texture Process Information - Post Texture Plating


D. Post Texture Plating / TRIBOCOAT™

Post Texture Plating
Once the texture process is complete, many textures can be plated without affecting the integrity or function of the texture itself. The usual thickness of "flash" hard chrome or nickel plating is minimal - at .0003" to .0005" - and does not shallow the texture depth or effectively alter the appearance of the texture. It is usually best to let us know before texturing if you plan to plate the mold after texture, as we may be in a position to offer advice regarding plating over texturing.

Whenever possible, we recommend that you try out a mold after texturing, and before you plate it, since occasionally, a textured mold may need a slight tune-up to deal with scuffing, drag, or gloss issues. These items are much simpler to deal with before the surface has been plated.

If you do require a secondary coating after texturing, In North America we recommend an excellent Nickel-Teflon coating called "TRIBOCOAT™". Included herein is a brochure describing the process which is offered at our Youngstown, Ohio facility. This process is also available on untextured molds, so if you believe that you have a need for this, call us.


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