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Texture Process Information - OEM or Program Work


B. OEM or Program Work

It has become an increasingly popular practice for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to select one source for their texturing needs on a specific program. Their reasoning is that all parts within the program will then match each other.

Mold-Tech is particularly proud of our participation in many significant automotive and non-automotive programs over the years. Along with the other sister companies The Mold-Tech group, has participated in many programs where work was coordinated within many of our facilities with very successful results, not only quality but also in delivery.

Mold-Tech has access to worldwide texturing facilities, with plants in North America, Europe, Singapore, China and Australia, including licensees in Hong Kong, Brazil and Japan.

We specialize in program coordination and can guide multiple tooling projects through our plants with the very best quality in the business. Our tracking process for programs has been developed and tested for years. It is a tool well received by the OEM's we have dealt with, and helps to plan multiple tooling texturing.

Many OEM's have their own established texture standards and quality expectations. We are aware of and approved on most patterns for the major OEM's and know what they expect. Occasionally, a pattern will be specified that we are not locally familiar with. Because of our worldwide network of texture facilities and contacts, we can often get texture information together very quickly. Give us as much notice as possible, however, as some patterns are very complex. We made need time to gain an OEM approval to do the texturing.

Further to this, most major Automotive and other OEM's require proof of a texture company's ability to match one of their masters. We are approved on hundreds of texture patterns for many automotive OEM's, but new patterns are being created every month. We have an in-house R&D Department that stays current on new patterns. We have a strong investment on pattern R&D and endeavor to keep ourselves current, but when you are quoting a job with a texture unfamiliar to you, please call us to confirm our approval to do it, and to advise you as to the complexity and thus, the cost of the pattern.

No texture source can texture automotive parts without approval on that texture, and in fact, Ford Motor Company, Daimler/Chrysler and General Motors require that we ask for a completed Appearance Approval Report before beginning any texture job for them. This is an item that you, the customer, must supply to us. We are positioned to be your texture source for any program, regardless of the size or complexity.


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