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Rapid Prototyping -> Rapid Prototyping Design Guidelines

Rapid Prototyping Design Guidelines


Rapid Prototyping Design Guidelines

The following guidelines are recommended:

  • Since parts are formed by extrusion onto successive layers, surfaces with empty space below require special processing. For example, a part the shape of a drinking glass is fine but if your turn the glass up-side down it becomes more difficult.

  • Since the extrusion is .010", it is best to keep dimensions in multiples of this value - especially smaller dimensions (including material, air, diameters, etc.)

  • Tolerance:
    - X, Y: .005" + 0.1%
    - Z: .010 + 0.1%

  • Min wall:
    - .030" for horizontal walls (e.g. bottom of box)
    - .040" for vertical walls with no holes or cutouts
    - .1" for vertical walls with holes and slots in sides
    - .020" for very low walls that form letters/logos

  • Min acute angle: 30 deg.

  • Min diameter of holes in side of part: 0.25".

  • Min height of horizontal slots in side of part: 0.25".

  • Min material between hole and edge or between holes: .04" ideally, .02" absolute min and can create problems.

  • Max size: 8" x 8" x 12"

  • Long thin objects (max dim / min dim > 10) can't be longer than 8".



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