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Trade trend -> China's economy section VII

China's economy section VII


Section VII: The Tenth Five-Year Plan

for National Economy and

 Social Development

During the tenth five-year plan period ( 2001!2005 ), the main goals for China¨s national economy and social development include:

!!The national economy will maintain a faster development pace, the strategic readjustment of economic structure will result in remarkable returns, the economic growth quality and the returns will improve notably, so as to lay a solid foundation for the 2010 GDP to double over 2000; establishment of modern corporate system in state-owned enterprises will achieve great progress, the social security system will be made complete and perfect, substantial steps will be taken in improving socialist market economy system, so as to participate in international economic co-operation and competition to a larger extent and in a deeper degree.

!!The economic growth rate is estimated to be around 7% annually, by 2005, the GDP calculated at the 2000 prices will reach 12500 billion yuan or so and the per-capita GDP will reach 9400 yuan; in five years¨ time, the new employments and the shift of rural laborers in cities and towns will reach 40 million people respectively and the unemployment rate registered in cities and towns will be controlled at around 5%; the overall price level will remain basically stable; and the balance of international payments will maintain its balance basically.

!!The optimization of industrial structure will be upgraded and the international competitive power will be enhanced; in 2005, the added value of the primary, the secondary and the tertiary industries will account for 13%, 51% and 36% respectively of the GDP, number of the practitioners will account for 44%, 23% and 33% respectively of all the practitioners in the society; the national economy and the level of social informationization will improve evidently.


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