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Moldflow Analysis


We using moldflow software to simulate the plastic injection molding process in cavity , it will offer to mold designer the best reference solution and greatly reduce the tooling development lead time.

  • 3D flow simulation.
  • Fill time, Injection pressure, temperature analysis.
  • Flow Balancing.
  • Gate and feed system design.
  • Optimizing part geometry.
  • Optimizing and refining wall thickness.
  • Fibre analysis.
  • Gas injection simulation.

��A Mold Flow simulation highlights most quality problems including :

  • High fill pressure.
  • Short shots.
  • weld lines.
  • Gas traps.
  • High gate shear.
  • Poor cooling.
  • Long cycle times.
  • Distortion.

Mold filling analysis:

��A mold filling study provides solutions to questions such as: How does the mold fill? How many injection points? How much pressure? What clamp tonnage machine is required? Is it possible to reduce the wall thickness?

��By utilizing filling analysis the processing characteristics of an injection mold can be investigated and optimized at the design stage. Improvements in part quality are achieved by refining gate points, the position of weld lines, eliminating gas traps, balancing pressure drops and reducing stress levels.

Mold cooling analysis:

��A mold cooling study provides solutions to questions such as: What is the optimum cooling channel layout for this mold? How long is the cycle time? What will the mold surface temperature range be?

  • 3D Mold cooling analysis.
  • Mold surface temperature.
  • Optimum cooling circuit design.
  • Simulate hot runners and inserts.
  • Determine Cycle time.

Shrinkage & warpage analysis:

Shrinkage and warpage analysis reduces the risk of assembly problems due to inaccurate molding. Warpage analysis is also a very useful tool for investigating practical solutions for existing moldings that have distortion problems.


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