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Gas-assisted Mold


��We closely keep up with the latest techniques and monitor the newest trends and development of the mold manufacturing. The successful application of the Gas-assisted technology in mold area is one of our achievements. These techniques in mold have become more and more popular for the below advantages:

1.Saving material.

2.Shortening the turnaround time.

3.Decreasing the injection pressure and prolongs the lifetime of the injection machine.

4.Decreasing the cavity pressure and the lock force of the mold and then increase the working life ��of the mold.

5.Easy to improve the surface defect of the product.

Because there are so many benefit from Gas-assisted Mold and its prosperous potential, we have conducted many research on it. Now we gain enough experience on it design, manufacturing and application and build up a group of experienced engineering staff that focused on it. Besides, we continuously aim at the latest achievement in this filed, and invite the expert to our company for training. We keep good business relation with the famous facility supplier in world. We believe we can provide you the excellent service of Gas-Assistant Mold basing on our professional experience and spirit.


Plastic injection mold - gas assisted mould Plastic injection mould - gas assisted mold
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