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Blow Mold

 According to customer's different requirement, Longmold supplies a Wide variety of blow molds, and can build blow molds of various metal materials like S50C, P20, 718, S136 and aircraft aluminum.

 We can build high-quality extrude blow mold to produce PP or PE containers for various packaging fields, including cosmetic, food, beverage, detergent, health care products, gasoline, medical, chemical, oil and so on.

 Our molds can ensure the customer to produce high-quality product with the most economical investment, the shortest production startup time and the lowest maintenance cost.

 1.Extrusion Bottle Molds.

 2.Injection Blow Molds.

 3.Stretch Blow Molds.


Plastic blow mold Plastic blow mould

 Plastic blow moulding  Plastic blow molding


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